Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

Orbiter Downloads

Orbiter 2010 Bigfile Download

BigFile Orbiter 2010 | Download | 1.98 GB

Includes All Files Listed Below
Reccomended 3mb Download Speed or Greater


Orbiter 2010 Base Downloads

Orbiter Base | zip | Download | 129.08 MB
Orbiter Base | msi | Download | 135.52 MB


Orbiter 2010 Texture Downloads

All files are in zip format

C Sphere | Download | 40.87 MB
Dione L7 | Download | 475 bytes
Earth L11, L14 | Download | 300.07 MB
Mars L11 | Download | 670.78 MB
Moon L11 | Download | 475 bytes
Planets, Moons | Download | 44.75 MB

Planets, Moons contents:

Deimos L5 | Download
Enceladus L8 | Download
Iapetus L8 | Download
Io L7 | Download
Mercury L8 | Download
Phobos L5 | Download
Rhea L7 | Download
Tethys L7 | Download
Titan L7 | Download

Orbiterism LandSAT

Orbitersim LandSAT Bigfile Download

BigFile LandSAT | Download | 325.04 MB

Includes All Files Listed Below
Reccomended 3mb Download Speed or Greater


Orbitersim LandSAT Downloads

All files are in .zip format

High Resolution Earth Files
Earth L10 | Download | 78.34 MB
Earth L9 | Download | 17.65 MB
Earth L8 | Download | 7.11 MB


High Resolution Mars Files

Deimos | Download | 1.74 MB
Mars L10 | Download | 158.21 MB
Mars L9 | Download | 33.11 MB
Phobos | Download | 1.86 MB


High Resolution Venus Files

Venus L8 | Download | 22.81 MB


Updates Feb 27

I updated several operational aspects of the website, this helped to make the site load faster and run smoother. I am looking at further updates and will notify the community upon changes, thanks again for being such a great group of friends. I may not be a big name in the community, but as a bit of a lurker by nature I am very happy to be a part of it!

My love and thanks,

Updates Dec 14

I have uploaded a new version of Earth 11 14 to the system, it appears to be the only error however I am scanning the system and preparing to implement a solution to prevent this issue in the future.

Updates Nov 16

The base was updated to 100830 recently,this means you can download the updated version of Orbiter and not have to patch.

I’m sorry everyone, please don’t hate me :)

My home life required more focus or I’d of posted earlier about the update.

Note: I am reviewing the to-do’s and gathering a chart for the next few rounds of updates.

My Thanks,