Updates Sept 3 2012

There were a number of updates done to the website, I’ll skip the technical stuff and get to what you all came here for :)

General Updates:

  • Added footer navigation
  • Updated front page with new links
  • Updated front page with image banners
  • Added blog widget to left sidebar

Bugs Fixed:

  • The 2012/2010 date bug is fixed
  • Orbiter patch .7z was titled accordingly
  • The contact form ‘error color’ is fixed.

Future Updates:

  • Single file download for textures
  • Single file download for base
  • Single file download for LandSAT

If anyone notices that there are bugs with the fixes, please let me know on Orbiter-Forum.

Thanks all and Hail Probe!

3 comments on “Updates Sept 3 2012

  1. Marvin42 on said:

    Hi, a small problem is for the widgets in the footer area which have the backgrounds compared to the text that background serves at a low contrast; also these background colors are different compared to the ones in the left sidebar which have far better readability.
    A second small problem is the text “Click to Download” in Orbiter 2012 Texture downloads or LandSat downloads seems redundant, probably should be only “Download”?
    Another issue observable in the LandSAT downloads is that the h5 tag should have some padding to the bottom
    Looks very nice otherwise and the single file download would be great. Nice work!

    • Hey Marvin42!

      Thank you for the comments – I have added these to the next list of things to do, I noticed that my last bug / fix report had no names mentioned and want to thank you for the contribution there as well. Future posts will thank the person directly for their help!

      As for the contrast of the footer, if the inner text was darker I think this would correct the concern, agreed?

  2. Thanks for the info.