Updates Sept 5 2012

Hey all,

Just a short post on updates to the website thus far.

General Updates:

  • Update sidebar headers
  • Update footer contrast
    (thank you Marvin42)
  • Added header links
  • Changed ‘click to download’ text
    (thank you Marvin42)
  • Adjusted translation block
  • Added sharing icons to posts
  • LandSAT page h5 tag padding
    (thank you Marvin42)
    I’m pretty sure I got what you meant?
  • Added community links to sidebar
  • Added 301 redirects for 2012/2010 bug
    This was based on log files.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Corrected the Base zip download
    now you actually download the zip!
    sigh…. :p
  • Reconnected Earth Level 11 & 14
  • Reconnected Planets & Moons

To Do Soon:

  • Add pages for Torrents
  • Add page for ‘Website Support’
    This is in progress..

On Topic:

  • Single file download for textures
  • Single file download for 2010 base(s) & patch
  • Single file download for LandSAT

Happy & Safe traveling!

5 comments on “Updates Sept 5 2012

  1. Marvin42 on said:

    Thank you for taking my input. Regarding the h5 tag, play a little with this: go to “/landsat-downloads/style.css:173″, add to “.whsdpostcontent h5″ at the end “padding-bottom:10px;” and check it in http://orbitersimulator.com/landsat-downloads/. I seems to ok to be more space after the title (maybe 10px is a little too much, it’s your call).
    Another issue (I guess I’m pushing this one, but…) is with the pictures in the right sidebar. I really like the pictures and the concept of changing at every reload, but there seems to be a problem because photos don’t match with the title of each of the 3 widgets. Ex: For “Real Calculations” after the ISS from one side, the change is to a photo with the terrain (probably this last one should match “Realistic Terrain” title, where the photo shown is a rocket launch). If you believe it’s too much work and little benefit in this, I understand and have no problem also.
    I’ll check all download links on Monday.

    • Thank YOU for the input, I can’t think of everything… LOL

      I think I got what you were pointing at on the h5 tag, albeit a different route to the solution – let me know :)

      Re: The sidebar pictures. Those are about a dozen ‘stock orbiter pictures’ that I dug up and have used to fill space. I have not yet figured out a solution to getting images for all three blocks however I figure there’s a few folks out there who would want to help :)

      The images are currently in a mechanism that rotates the three groups independently, so the machine is built, at least.

  2. Marvin42 on said:

    Well, regarding those pics, i guess you can ask this in orbiter-forum (i saw Dan also asked this and got some very nice pics for his new Arrow). Also, D3D11 thread has some nice pics:
    for scenery, also cool pics here:
    . Some screenshots with Orulex activated would be cool.

  3. Motivated :)

    I must focus on life for a few weeks, however yesterday I did several updates that won’t get posted to help keep the site running smoothly. I am working on it in the background, hence the updates not being posted on O-F and some not at all. I’ve been reading your contributions and am planning to attack them soon ;)

  4. On a side note, if large file distributors suddenly had a 404 error when you tried to download Orbiter files and it was not on my site, well they are naughty little file hotlinkers that were stealing my bandwidth probably lol