Updates Sept 6 2012

General backend scans and alike are almost complete.

The files below are still being processed, avoid them until 5:00 am GMT to avoid problems:

  • Orbiter / Textures / Moon L11 / zip
  • Orbiter / Textures / Mars L11 / zip

Other than the files stated above, all other downloads are online and ready for you to use and enjoy!

5 comments on “Updates Sept 6 2012

  1. Marvin42 on said:

    Cool links from orbiter-forum’s community with addons becoming a standard now: IMDB, BaseSync, D3D9Client, XR series vessels:
    http://www.alteaaerospace.com/ (this one has a good stable community build in it’s forums, maybe you can share each other’s link?)

  2. Marvin42 on said:

    Hi, just a few very small remarks regarding downloads for orbiter 2010:
    1. Rename “C Sphere” text in the html to “Celestial background” or “Celestial Sphere”;
    2. Change the name of the download archive from Moon090730_L11.zip to Moon_L11.zip;
    3. Change the size of Moon download from 475 bytes to 687.7 MB in the html text;
    Question: will there be a download for latest beta version?
    All downloads are working nice. Thank you.

  3. Marvin42 on said:

    Hi, Can you please add the Moon in the LandSAT downloads page? Also I have issues with download speed for LandSAT files (maybe about 30KB/s) while the Orbiter2010 files go much faster (I noticed an average 200KB/s, it varies, but is normal for my connection).

  4. Marvin42 on said:

    Regarding the download speeds, specially for LandSAT, I can’t confirm my previous post, as I’m getting different speed download results on my connection today. It must be my ISP throttling my download speed on http (although i haven’t noticed that before).

  5. Marvin42 on said:

    Hi, The captcha image inherits the css from img’s article style where margin is 10px on all sides. But for the captcha image only, it should be margin:10px 10px -8px 10px; (i checked it with chrome – inspect element).