Tuesday Beta Run

It is Tuesday and that means something new.

Although its announcing a bit after Pacific time for a Tuesday, I’m calling this a beta launch at such time. I am following comments on this thread, please keep in mind that I am adding files and features still.

Thank you all,

3 comments on “Tuesday Beta Run

  1. Eric on said:

    opening up the discussion :)

  2. Smithy on said:

    Great news. Are you going to announce the website is online on orbiter-forums? Some files are still missing – were they lost?

    • I announced it on O-F in the torrent thread shortly after posting this message :)

      There are some files missing so far, they are planned to be restored as soon as possible (working extra shifts right now to clear up some projects with work).

      Also, there are some cool new textures coming from a new face (to be announced).

      Lastly, I am still looking to offer the ‘big file packs’ which will be a single download for everything in a particular topic of the website.